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We Dry Clean The Following:

  Trouser   Shirt  /  Blouse   House Hold    
  Jacket A) Shirt A) Blanket Menu D) Furniture Menu
  2pc Suit B) Blouse a) Blanket  Single a) Chair Cover
  3pc Suit C) T/Shirts  ,  Polo Shirts b)  Blanket  Double b) Couch Cover
  Waist Coat     c)  Blanket  Queen /  King c) Headrest Chair 
  Coat short   Fancy  Dress B)  Duvet Menu d) Headrest Couch 
  Coat Long A) Plain Evening Gown a) Duvet  Single e) Arm Chair Cover / Small 
  Short Heavy Jacket B) Fancy Evening Gown Short b) Duvet  Double f)  Arm  Chair Cover / Large
  Long Heavy Jacket C)  Fancy Evening Gown Long  c)  Duvet  Queen / King E)  Cushion Cover Menu
  Tie D) Wedding Dress d)  Duvet Cover Single a) Small Cover
  Shorts E) Veil e)  Duvet Cover Double b)  Medium Cover
    F) Christening Gown f) Duvet Cover Queen / King c)  Large Cover
  Lint  Roller     C) Bed Spread Menu d)  X Large Cover
  Lint  Roller  Refill   Woolen a) Bed Spread Single F) Pillows
  Dust Coat A) Sweater  -  plain b) Bed Spread Double a)  Pillow Feather
  Overall B)   Sweater  -  bulky c)  Bed Spread Queen / King b)   Pillow Dacron Foam
  Scarf         c)    Tri Pillow
  Dressing Gown   Skirt   Table Cloth    
  Racing Glove A) Short Skirt   Sheet    
  Racing Glove Leather B)   Long Skirt   Pillow Case    
  Racing Overalls       Sleeping Bag G)  Wool Rest Menu
  Cummerbands   Dress   Carpet / Rug a)  Wool Rest Single
  Bow Tie A) Short Dress   Car Seat Cover -  Fabric b)  Wool Rest Double
  Hat  /  Cap  /  Beret B) Long Dress   Car Seat Cover -  Skin c)  Wool Rest Queen / King
  Apron     H)  Curtain Menu  ( per drop) I)   Leather  /  Suede
  Shawl     a)  Light Curtain  a)   Leather Jacket
        b) Heavy Curtain b)   Leather Jacket Sleeveless 
        c) Curtains with lining c)   Leather Coat Long 
        d) Sheer Curtain d)  Leather Trouser
        J) Pleat e) Leather Skirt
        a) Plain Pleated f)    Leather Vest
        b) Sunray Pleated g) Combination Jacket
        c) Many Pleated h)   Fur Coat
Repairs  and  Alterations
Main Shop: Mount Roskill  

For Any URGENT Repair Work we do @ Mt Roskill While you wait


Conditions Apply

Men's & Ladies Trousers   Skirts / Dresses   Mens / Ladies  Jackets
Shorten / Lengthen plain   Shorten Plain   Shoulder pads
Shorten / Lengthen cuffed   Shorten Flared   Elbow patches
Shorten / Lengthen Jeans   Shorten Lined   Elbow patches (leather)
Shorten / Lengthen Lined   Lengthen with false hem   Sleeves Shorten (plain)
False Hem   Level hem from   Sleeves Shorten (lined and buttoned)
New Elastic   Hem Twin Stitched   Body shorten (plain) from
Waist taken in / out   Take in sides only   Body shorten (Lined) from
Waist taken in / out jeans   Take in sides and waist   Take in sides from
Waist taken in / out from both sides        
Pocket Half   Shirts   Zips Mens & Ladies
Pocket Full   Fix Buttons (each)   Trousers / Skirts  plastic
Fix hooks / Button & Button hole from   Sleeves shorten from   Trousers / Skirts  metal
    Turnover Collar   Trousers / Skirts  invisible
Free  pressing  of  garments  after  repairs !!!   Shorten Body curved   Trousers / Skirts  lined
  Shorten Body Straight   Trousers / Skirts  (Zip Customer supplied)
      Jackets depending on material & length from
        Sleeping bags from


  • Formal/Business Suits
  • Morning and Evening Tails
  • Tuxedos
  • White Wedding Suits
  • Page Boy Suits and Tails
  • Waist coats, Ties and other Accessories

 Latest Indian Designer Suits for Gents !

 Specials for School Balls !



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