Carlton Dry Cleaners

Our Best Advice to You

We try to educate and advise our clients every time we have the pleasure of serving them because dry cleaning really should be a very personal service. Here we will try to share with you our best tips to try to get the longest life out of your favourite personal items.

1.        Do not try to take a stain out at home!

2.        Bring your clothes in straight after you have worn them, not just before you need to wear them again – the longer you leave a stain in the harder it is to get out and besides, you never know when the next irresistible invitation might arrive for which that outfit would have been perfect, if only it was clean and pressed!

3.        If you maintain your clothes such as suits, overcoats and whites by getting them cleaned regularly they will last longer than if you let them get really stained over a long period of time. It may seem like an oxymoron but this is especially true because cleaning your clothes if one of the most rigorous activities you can put them through. Many light cleans are still less invasive than one heavy duty clean.

4.        Clothes need to breathe so don’t leave them in the plastic bags long term.

5.        Silverfish and moths are silent killers in your wardrobe and you might not know you have a problem until they have destroyed some of your most favourite possessions. If you don’t like the smell of moth balls try cedar balls instead.

6.        Have your pants taken up to the correct length straight away – if they are too long and start to fray along the hem line you can be forced into a position where you have to take them up too much and nothing looks worse than pants that are too short!

7.        We understand that sometimes a garment looks so good when you try it on that you have to own it no matter what but nonetheless it is wise to closely consider the quality of detailing before you purchase as often the more expensive the garment is to buy the less the manufacturer cares about its durability.

8.        Get your shirts professionally washed and pressed – it costs less than a cup of coffee to have a fresh, crisp shirt every day, it saves you a whole lot of time and we can achieve a much better result with our equipment than you can at home (for example there will never be a crease down the length of your sleeve when we press your shirts). Plus we scrub the cuffs and collars of every shirt with special decreaser, do you? You can really tell when someone takes good care of themselves and wears a fresh shirt every day. Your boss will notice too.

9.        Lastly, we try to treat you like you are part of the family. There is never any need to be embarrassed because we have seen it all before and we have the wisdom to know not to discuss certain stains in a crowded store. We are always there to mop up any thrills and spills – accidents are more common than you think! Besides we tend to think that of your silk dress is not covered in champagne you have not been having enough fun!

If all else fails, at least you know a good dry cleaner!